Wednesday, March 31, 2021

About Steve

Steve and Sally have lived in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle for over ten years. Steve first moved to the Seattle-area in 1989. He has always enjoyed working outdoors and taking care of lawns and gardens.

Steve is the family MBA (Go Lutes!) behind Alki Lawn Mowing Service. He enjoys day-to-day operations and interactions with people.

From the age of eleven, Steve was doing seasonal and yard work for many of his childhood, morning paper route customers. These mentors were like surrogate grandparents who nurtured him and shared their knowledge and love of all-things garden and lawn care.

Steve did similar work in high school and during his self-supported, work-through-college years. He was even a reforesting contractor planting pine trees in the hills of the North Carolina piedmont.

More recently, Steve has focused on our yard. You may have talked with him out front while he built our surrounding 8-foot tall fence and trellis? This is very likely if you’re walking a dog! Maybe Steve has said, "hello" while working in our front beds of cascading, blue-flowering 
Lithodora diffusa for his beloved bumble bees. 

Steve has created a beautiful lawn and yard. A variety of garden beds and elevations with native plants provide for the year-round benefit of our birds and pollinators.

With his gardening and lawn care background, a joy for serving people, and his passion for being outdoors, Alki Lawn Mowing is a natural fit for Steve. He cares about quality. You will experience the same quality, attention-to-detail, and care in the lawn mowing service visits Steve completes for you.