Thursday, April 1, 2021

Alki Lawn Mowing Service

Our Service
Steve & Sally live in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle. Alki Lawn Mowing Service provide season-long lawn mowing services for residential homes in Alki and surrounding West Seattle neighborhoods.

We keep your lawn looking sharp and consistently maintained during each year's growing season as your lawn's rate of growth dictates.

Each mowing service visit includes mowing your lawn with a powerful, contractor-grade mower as well as edging your curbs, walks, concrete patios, and driveway. We finish-up 
every mowing service visit by power-sweeping any stray grass-clippings off hard surfaces with a blower.

Seattle Mowing Season
Our lawns' growing season typically starts with slower growth in mid-February and ends with slower growth again during late September to early-October. Peak growing season is early-Spring to Summer.

"Summer brown-out" time is a period of little to no-growth during the height of our Seattle summers. Most lawns are dormant from the extreme heat and lack of rain and do not need mowing.

If you have a lawn sprinkler system or manually water your yard, weekly lawn mowing service continues throughout the entire Summer.

Some Seattle years have a rainy week or so during almost every month of the year. Mowing season is weather dependent, and each year's mowing mileage may vary.

Alki Lawn Mowing Service Frequency
Based on the mowing season above, our lawns require mowing every 2-3 weeks at the beginning and end of our season during cooler weather.

During the 4-8 weeks of the peak growing season your lawn may be mowed once-a-week. 

I look at your yard once per week on the same scheduled day. If your lawn has grown enough since my previous mowing service visit, I mow your lawn that day and charge your credit card on file for service.

What makes our service very much different from some others is that if I don't mow your lawn that week, you don't pay for a mowing service visit. You always receive a text or email, so you know I was there.

One-Time or Periodic Mowing Schedules
We typically do not accept "one-time" or periodic mowing requests. Alki Lawn Mowing Service are all about keeping your lawn looking consistently manicured and maintained all the time.

We would love to keep your yard looking its best by mowing and edging your lawn based on its growth throughout the entire growing season.

Payment for Mowing Services
Just like you might pay Amazon or buy from a food truck, we bill your credit card on file at each time of service. (Sorry, no Amex accepted at this time.)

Our credit card payment processing service is owned by H&R Block. Your credit card data is treated with the same care and respect we expect of our own.

Payment Transaction Notice & Receipt
You receive an email notice with details of your credit card transaction and a summary of our service performed for that visit at the time of each payment.

Contractor Grade, 80 Volt, Cordless Equipment
Our lawn maintenance equipment is quiet, contractor-grade, cordless, and 80 volt battery powered. We use no fossil fuels in our operations other than Steve's old, trusty car used to get to each client's site.

Mowing is done with a mulching mower which returns those tasty bits of natural lawn food back to your lawn's soil each time we mow. Or, if you prefer, we're happy to bag the grass-clippings and discard them in your yard-waste bin if that's your preference.

Other than Steve's car-use, we maintain an 'all-natural' approach toward running our mowing operations. We respect your yard and our environment in that way as best we can.

Commercially Insured & WA State Licensed Business
Alki Lawn Mowing Service pay for yearly commercial liability insurance. We operate as Alki Lawn Mowing Service, a dba of Mind Wedgie LLC which is a WA State licensed business entity.

We charge and collect WA State sales tax with every service transaction which we then report and pay to our state on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

A Bit About Service Excellence & Your Satisfaction
Whether I am working for you or for Sally and myself here at home, I employ the same goals toward efficiency, quality and excellence with every task I do.

I take pride in satisfying my clients. I'll do what it takes to achieve that happiness for both of us, or I'll refund your payment.

Please give me a call (2O6-659-7O18) and let's get you started with Alki Lawn Mowing Service today! Thank you.

Steve W harton
(2O6) 659-7O18 voice or text
Steve (at) AlkiLawn (dot) com

63rd Ave SW
West Seattle, WA 98116